The router saves all paths used in the site.

Get a Path

The get method returns a Stream. For example, to save the path data to a specified destination:

var data = hexo.route.get('index.html');
var dest = fs.createWriteStream('somewhere');


Set a Path

The set method takes a string, a Buffer or a function.

// String
hexo.route.set('index.html', 'index')

// Buffer
hexo.route.set('index.html', new Buffer('index'));

// Function (Promise)
hexo.route.set('index.html', function(){
return new Promise(function(resolve, reject){

// Function (Callback)
hexo.route.set('index.html', function(callback){
callback(null, 'index');

You can also set a boolean for whether a path has been modified or not. This can speed up file generation as it allows for ignoring the unmodified files.

hexo.route.set('index.html', {
data: 'index',
modified: false

// hexo.route.isModified('index.html') => false

Remove a Path


Get the List of Routes


Format a Path

The format method transforms a string to a valid path.

// archives/index.html