New Documentation and Registry

The Hexo site has just been updated and changed to a brand new theme. The documentation is also updated and more detailed. Some handy features will make your browsing more convenient.

Official Registry

Besides the new theme, a official registry for plugins and themes finally comes. The registry makes you easier to browse and search plugins. And you can preview themes with screenshots.

How to add my plugin/theme to the registry?

See the following articles for more info. Your plugin/theme will be published to the registry once the pull request is merged.


We have add two new languages of documentation: Tranditional Chinese (正體中文) and Simplified Chinese (简体中文). Thanks to pinggod for the Simplified Chinese translation. We very welcome you to help us translating and make more people easier to get started with Hexo! For more info, see translating documentation.

Where’s API Documentation?

The API documentation is hidden so far. Please be patient. I’m updating it now. The new API doc will be released in a few days.