Front-matter is a block of YAML or JSON at the beginning of the file that is used to configure settings for your writings. Front-matter is terminated by three dashes when written in YAML or three semicolons when written in JSON.


title: Hello World
date: 2013/7/13 20:46:25


"title": "Hello World",
"date": "2013/7/13 20:46:25"

Settings & Their Default Values

Setting Description Default
layout Layout config.default_layout
title Title Filename (posts only)
date Published date File created date
updated Updated date File updated date
comments Enables comment feature for the post true
tags Tags (Not available for pages)
categories Categories (Not available for pages)
permalink Overrides the default permalink of the post. Permalink should end with / or .html null
excerpt Page excerpt in plain text. Use this plugin to format the text
disableNunjucks Disable rendering of Nunjucks tag {{ }}/{% %} and tag plugins when enabled false
lang Set the language to override auto-detection Inherited from _config.yml
published Whether the post should be published For posts under _posts, it is true, and for posts under _draft, it is false


The default layout is post, in accordance with the value of default_layout setting in _config.yml. When the layout is disabled (layout: false) in an article, it will not be processed with a theme. However, it will still be rendered by any available renderer: if an article is written in Markdown and a Markdown renderer (like the default hexo-renderer-marked) is installed, it will be rendered to HTML.

Tag plugins are always processed regardless of layout, unless disabled by the disableNunjucks setting or renderer.

Categories & Tags

Only posts support the use of categories and tags. Categories apply to posts in order, resulting in a hierarchy of classifications and sub-classifications. Tags are all defined on the same hierarchical level so the order in which they appear is not important.


- Sports
- Baseball
- Injury
- Fight
- Shocking

If you want to apply multiple category hierarchies, use a list of names instead of a single name. If Hexo sees any categories defined this way on a post, it will treat each category for that post as its own independent hierarchy.


- [Sports, Baseball]
- [MLB, American League, Boston Red Sox]
- [MLB, American League, New York Yankees]
- Rivalries