With the release of Hexo 3, the server has been separated from the main module. To start using the server, you will first have to install hexo-server.

$ npm install hexo-server --save

Once the server has been installed, run the following command to start the server. Your website will run at http://localhost:4000 by default. When the server is running, Hexo will watch for file changes and update automatically so it’s not necessary to manually restart the server.

$ hexo server

If you want to change the port or if you’re encountering EADDRINUSE errors, use the -p option to set a different port.

$ hexo server -p 5000

Static Mode

In static mode, only files in the public folder will be served and file watching is disabled. You have to run hexo generate before starting the server. Usually used in production.

$ hexo server -s

Custom IP

Hexo runs the server at by default. You can override the default IP setting.

$ hexo server -i